WD1691 Save the Date – Caricature Wedding Invite

INR1,200.00 INR699.00

Celebrate the magic of love with our unique and personalized “Save the Date” digital invitation! Immerse your guests in the joy and anticipation of your upcoming wedding with a whimsical caricature that captures the essence of your love story.

Our digital invitation features a delightful caricature, a playful and artistic representation of the happy couple, setting the tone for a celebration filled with laughter and love. The charming design is a perfect way to convey the uniqueness of your relationship and create excitement for the upcoming wedding festivities.

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Save the Date Digital Invitation
Personalized Wedding Invite
Playful and Artistic Design
Joyful and Unique Celebration
Laughter and Love Wedding Invitation
Digital Save the Date Card
Unique Love Story Invitation
Charming and Delightful Wedding Invite
Exciting Wedding Festivities
Let this digital invitation be the first glimpse into your special day, creating anticipation and spreading the joy of your upcoming union. Share the love and set the stage for a wedding celebration that is as unique and delightful as your love story!
The cost includes the customisation of text and not for the faces.. the cost of digital customisation of faces would be additional