Once you select your desired video, you need to proceed with the payment using the ‘Add to Cart’ link on this page.

Immediately after receiving the payment we will send an order email with a customization link/ form for you to fill the wedding details and for uploading your pics.

Wedinvite support team will be in constant touch with you ( Business Hours) to understand your requirements and get the video delivered asap.

Depending on the selected delivery time line ( standard is 4 days ) you will receive the video on email and whatsapp.

You have an option to change the video for any corrections (typos & misplacements) as well. (1 revision).

Payment Gateway: CC Avenue,You can pay in US Currency or in INR

Customising text and photos would be part of the basic customisation.

Audio Customization can be done for free… if selected audio is provided.

Creating caricatures of Bride and groom involves additional cost.

Extra Language Customization involves 75% of the cost of the original video.

Every additional scene costs Rs 2000.